DIY Plumbing Disasters.

DIY Plumbing Disasters.

There are certain plumbing jobs that any competent DIY’s can tackle, such as replacing tap washers and shower heads. And there are other jobs that require the expertise of a professional plumber in Ipswich.

A typical homeowner should never attempt to alter a home’s water supply lines or hot water system.  This is usually run in either poly pipes with crimped joints or copper pipe and fittings soldered together. Even with the knowledge and skills you may have, you could easily start a flood or fire. Try explaining both scenarios to your home’s insurance agent.

Having a little water leak can cause a large amount of damage if it goes unnoticed for a relatively short period of time. This Is why most DIY’s should avoid any plumbing repair work or attacking concealed pipe work behind walls, floors or ceilings.

Recently we had a call from a customer stating they had a leak behind a kitchen wall. They had just recently renovated the kitchen themselves. What they had done was connected the new kitchen sink mixer to the copper pipe behind the wall. Holes were drilled through the cabinet and the flexible hoses connected to the copper pipe with compression unions.

Whilst using compression unions is fine, they really should be accessible in case of emergency. The other problem is how anyone was going to replace the mixer down the track with the connections being concealed behind cabinets, tiles etc.

The customer was simply not aware anything was wrong with the installation. This is a common occurrence as hardware stores promote DIY and sell the products as “easy installation”.

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