Water Pressure In Your House

Gravick_Plumbing_&_Gas_Raceview_Low_Water_Pressure_Guage_KaraleeHousehold water pressure.

Does your house have low or too high water pressure? There can be many factors causing water pressure problems in your home.

It all starts in the network provider’s water main. Queensland Urban Utilities has a minimum standard of pressure of 210kPa at the boundary of your property. This means that in the event of a burst pipe, water could shoot up about 21 meters in the air. In trickle feed areas with a private pressure boost pump, the minimum pressure required is 100kPa. With the minimum being 201kPa, we have attended homes that have far higher pressure in the vicinity of 800kPa+. Under the AS/NZS 3500.1 Plumbing Standard, the Maximum pressure at any outlet other that a fire service shall not exceed 500 kPa. This water pressure range can be achieved by installing a pressure reducing valve.

Pressure Reducing Valve.

Water pressure above 500kPa can cause various damage from water hammer, tap failure, excessive noise in pipework and reduce appliance life-I.e. water heater. Most if not all tapware, water heater and insurance companies will not warrant failures due to excessive water pressure inside your boundary. Pressure reducing valves are relatively cost effective and in most cases straight forward to install.

Low Water Pressure.

Low water pressure can be caused by many factors to name a few- concealed pipework that is leaking, failed tap washers, blocked filters, blocked tap aerators, old shower heads and the most common one if you own an old house is galvanised steel pipework. Most of the above mentioned problems can easily be fixed. If you find that you have the old steel pipework, this usually will have to be upgraded to a poly or copper type. Steel pipework hasn’t been allowed to be used in residential water services for years. The pipe will corrode on the inside to a point where it will eventually block completely.

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