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Pre-Purchase Inspection

Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection


Recently we were contacted by one of our loyal customers to have a look at some plumbing issues that came up on a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection. As this house was an on stumps slightly older style, we can assume there could be some major plumbing issues hidden away.

We had a look at the report to find the only thing being some drainage issues under the house. Upon entering underneath the house, we found the waste pipe from the kitchen sink was simply not connected to the main sewer drain. This could potentially be a major problem. Having this problem will cause not only a constant wet area of soil around a house stump allowing movement, but having raw kitchen waste spilling over the ground can be a health hazard.

Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection

Whilst we were at the house, we had a look at the rest of the plumbing. Everything checked out fine until we got to the water heater.

The hot water system that was installed was a JEM brand. These water heaters require filling regularly by lifting the valve on the side of the unit. Although this water heater looked primitive, they are well-known to last many years in how they were made.

After lifting the valve to check the system water started to leak out of the bottom. The leak got worse the longer the valve was opened.

This problem did not come up on the Pre-Purchase Building Inspection.

For the most part of this, the person performing the building inspection said he had tested the water heater and it was fine. When it comes to building inspections, the plumbing should be inspected by a licensed plumber only.

Luckily in this case the contract on the house wasn’t finalized, therefore we supplied a quote to repair the drains and supply a Thermann water heater, this then came off the sale price. If the contract was sealed, who then has to cop the price of installing a new water heater?

If you are looking at buying a new property, Please give us a call to inspect the plumbing in and around the house. We are here to help.

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Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection