Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water

With electricity bills raising over and over again, more people are realising the positive in installing Solar Hot Water in Ipswich and Brisbane.

Compared to standard electric and gas hot water installation the initial installation cost can be expensive, however this will be compensated over time from free energy from the sun.

The most common solar hot water systems use either flat panels or evacuated tubes. They also either have the storage tank at ground or up on the roof top. During the day the water will flow through the panels or evacuated tube manifold transferring the absorbed heat in to the water. The water then flows back in to the storage tank. Whilst both types of systems work great, recent studies have found evacuated tube systems to be more efficient.

Please see the attached link on Flat plate vs. evacuated tube solar hot water collectors.

Solar Hot Water

Hot Water Installation Ipswich & Brisbane


If you were thinking about having solar Hot water installed or replacing your electric hot water system.

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