Toilet Set Out Dimensions

Toilet Set Out

Have you ever wanted to replace your Toilet Suite? When you are looking at replacing your toilet suite, there are a few things to check first.

Which Type of Toilet Suite?

The first thing you need to check whether you have an s-trap, p-trap or rarer a skew trap. The s-trap suite will go down through your floor. The P-trap will go through your back wall and the skew trap suite will go through either the right-hand or left-hand walls.

The next step is to determine the set out of your existing toilet suite. Measuring the set out is quite an easy task. To measure the set out for a toilet suite, you must find the center of the pan connector. Most pan connectors made of PVC and have a black rubber inserted to seal any leaks or smells coming from the sanitary drains. For s-trap toilet suites the pan connector will be located on the floor. The pan connector for p-trap and skew trap toilet suites will be located on the wall.

For s-trap toilet suites, the measurement will be from the wall to the center of the connector and for p-trap/skew trap toilets suites the measurement will be from the floor to the center of the pan connector.

A fair amount of new toilet suites are made now with very little set out adjustment, so it is best to check the dimensions first before purchasing. Most reputable toilet suite manufacturers will have attached set out requirements for you to view before purchasing.

Now the set out has been determined you can go shopping.

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