Back Flow Prevention

Back Flow Prevention Ipswich?

Back flow is the term used to refer to the prevention of a reverse flow of water from a potentially polluted source into the water supply.

When does Back Flow occur?

Back flow will occur when a condition exists in a water supply that will cause a back-siphon or back-pressure. Back-siphonage can occur through a vacuum created in the water supply system.

An example of  a back siphon would be a pipeline break or undersized pipework. Back pressure can occur within properties when high pressure is generated downstream by pumps, thermal expansion or elevation.

Back flow prevention will start with in a property boundary.  This will isolate a contamination source from the tap or appliance to the town mains or storage tanks.

What is the safeguard to prevent a back flow occurrence?

A correctly selected back flow prevention device (one way valve) will eliminate any risk of contamination of the drinking water supply. Back flow Prevention devices are either testable or non-testable types with the selection dependent on the risk associated with the possible contamination.

Call Gravick plumbing & Gas for a quote on Ipswich back flow Installation, Repairs and servicing. We are fully licensed, complying with all industry standards to keep our water clean and safe.

We are able to offer a Back flow service including:

  • Backflow Prevention Test Inspection and Maintenance report
  • Installation of backflow devices /valves
  • Repairs to back flow installations
  • Liaison with your local Council

Gravick Plumbing and Gas Ipswich take the job off you. We liaise with your local council and ensure that your obligations are met. Testing will be done within the time frame needed. We will ensure that your installation comply with regulations.

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