Hot Water System Ipswich

Hot Water System Ipswich

If your hot water system leaks, boils overflows or goes cold. Gravick Plumbing and Gas Ipswich Plumbers are here to provide expert advice and help. We will either service or replace your hot water system at a competitive price. Having your Hot Water System Ipswich back up and running will be of top priority.


In Queensland, the law specifies that hot tap water be regulated. The water to taps in the bathroom and ensuites must be tempered. This should be no more than 50°C in domestic dwellings. For schools and nursing homes the temperature should be set at 45°C. If preferred, kitchen sinks and laundry tubs can be set at 60°C.

In 1995 the laws were changed regarding temperature devices. They are to be installed on new hot water system installations or when moving an existing hot water system to a new location on the property.

If you are adding a new fixture a tempering valve must also be installed.

Tempering Devices

There are a number of devices that can be installed. This depends on the type of hot water system in your house.

Tempering valve – These devices are to be installed by plumbers. They will blend hot and cold water to reduce the hot water temperature to 50°C throughout the whole house. Alternatively they can be installed to service the bathrooms only. Tempering valves need to be replaced every five years.

Thermostatic mixing valve – This device costs more than a tempering valve. They can be set to deliver hot water at 50°C or below throughout the home. It’s able to be serviced over time. They do not have a limited life.

Continuous flow hot water system – This system is a more expensive option. It uses a gas heater and has a temperature control panel in the bathroom or kitchen. This allows the user to set the temperature themselves. Some models have a maximum setting of 50°C.

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